Progress Part 2: Interpretative Dance/DANCE

Actually the term ‘Interpretative Dancing’ is not an actual term used by professional dancers. This is for the reason that the term is extremely redundant as ‘Dance’ or ‘Dancing’ already interprets something through the movements produced.

According to Heather Vaughan-Southard, a dance educator and performer, ‘Interpretative dance is commonly used to describe modern dance when people (audiences) don’t seem to understand the artist’s intent.’ If anyone is interested in reading more about it, it can be seen in her blogpost (a rant about interpretative dance)

Isadora Duncan, a dancer and one of the pioneers to modern dance, did not like ballet because she did not see it as ‘real art.’ She became inspired by ‘nature’ and what the Greeks believed in, which was that ‘people responded naturally to every experience with spontaneous movements of the body.’ When humans are closer to nature, expressions made by movements become truer because human being’s first way of communication is not through words nor through visual arts, but through actions/movements. Through dance, a variety of emotions can be expressed through postures and bodily gestures.


For my art, I plan to not just express my social anxiety and what I think through my spoken word but also through my dance. Some of my movements may be literal but there are also some that are symbolic. So my dance is a total of 3 minutes and 19 seconds; and so far, I have 2 minutes worth of choreography.





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